March 21, 2022

32. 7 Lessons from a First-Time Tech Lead

32. 7 Lessons from a First-Time Tech Lead

What's it like to be a tech lead? What about playing the role for the first time?

In this solo episode and the last episode of Season 2, Marisa Hoenig talks about her 5-month experience as a tech lead, from the initial discussion that led to taking on the role to her decision to move back to a developer position. Based out of Denver, Marisa is the host of Blossoming Technologist and a software developer consultant at Thoughtworks.

This episode covers the feelings of imposter syndrome taking on the tech lead at a young age, the 7 biggest lessons learned from being a first-time tech lead, and advice for others taking on the role.

Thanks for listening, and we'll see you soon in Season 3!

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