Blossoming Technologist is a podcast for young professionals in tech discovering skills, careers, and tips for being in the tech industry. With interviews every Monday, we're determined to help YoPros find the right tech career and blossom. We share tangible advice by interviewing fellow technologists just a few steps or years ahead of you.

We cover topics such as: how to get an internship, how to utilize LinkedIn to find a job, how to move into tech management, how to tackle imposter syndrome, and so much more! We can't wait to share these conversations with you, so make sure to follow along on your favorite podcasting platform.

About the Host

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Marisa Hoenig


Marisa is the founder of Blossoming Technologist and a senior software developer at Thoughtworks. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a computer science degree and lives in Denver, CO. In November 2020, Marisa decided to launch this podcast to help young professionals figure out their careers in tech. She wants to teach others that software development isn't the only tech career as well as the power of learning from those only a few steps ahead.