March 7, 2022

31. Learning Through Side Projects with Justin Higgins

31. Learning Through Side Projects with Justin Higgins

Why should you start a side project? How do you come up with new project ideas?

Meet Justin Higgins, a software engineer and creative programmer based out of Los Angeles. With over ten years of software development experience, Justin has helped companies like Beats Music and Polaroid launch and scale their services to millions of users. Justin is the Founder of 24 Hour Homepage, a website in which every second is a clickable image for advertising. This creative endeavor was an effort to learn sales and marketing while leveraging his software development skills.

In this episode, we discuss Justin's love for side projects, and how he utilizes them to tackle skills he wants to learn. We also discuss ways to learn and come up with ideas and how he utilizes platforms like Twitter to connect with people for his projects.

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