Jan. 24, 2022

28. Using No-Code To Build an App with Alexandria Tomayko

28. Using No-Code To Build an App with Alexandria Tomayko

What is no-code? How can your business utilize no-code to save thousands of dollars?

Meet Alexandria Tomayko, the Founder of Little Black Book Series, an app built to bridge the gap between destination event planners and venues. During the pandemic, Alexandria started building a no-code solution for her company's web application, which serves as a proof of concept to investors and clients.

In this episode, we discuss why no-code is a great solution for new applications and how to get started. Alexandria explains some of the struggles of learning how to build an app this way but how awesome it can truly be. We also discuss how no-code is a solution for both developers and non-developers.

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Glide: glideapps.com
Bubble: bubble.io
Airdev: airdev.co
openBuild: openbuild.io

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LinkedIn: /alexandria-tomayko
Company LinkedIn: bit.ly/33Z0W2j

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