Nov. 15, 2021

22. Machine Learning Meets Wine with Aubrey Terrazas

22. Machine Learning Meets Wine with Aubrey Terrazas

Aubrey Terrazas is an 18-year hospitality professional, Master Sommelier candidate, and co-founder of Palate Club, a digital wine service that uses machine learning to fit the user’s unique taste of wine. Based out of France, Aubrey uses her experience of tasting 100s of wines every year to identify over 200 wine traits, the core data for Palate Club's machine learning algorithm. Aubrey's ideas and disruption to the classic “wine club” model positioned her as one of America’s top sommeliers and wine entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we discuss the wine industry, giving background on how to become a Sommelier, Aubrey's experience in wine, and why blind taste-testing is such an important part of Palate Club. We also talk about how Palate Club utilizes machine learning, technologies being used in the wine industry (like blockchain!), and parallels between the wine and tech industries.

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