April 19, 2021

19. Season 1 Finale

19. Season 1 Finale

Tune in for the Season 1 Finale of Blossoming Technologist! In this episode, Marisa reflects on the past season and insights from being a podcaster. She talks about the behind-the-scenes of producing a podcast and the pros and cons of having a platform for content creation.

Marisa shares some exciting news on how to get involved with Blossoming Technologist (linked below!). She also provides suggestions for other podcasts to listen to and documentaries to watch while the podcast goes on a ~2 month break before Season 2.

Do you know someone who should be featured on the podcast? Reach out via social media or email to let us know. Thank you for listening to Season 1! Leave a review on Apple Podcasts: apple.co/3am1bFb


0:00 Introduction
01:29 Season 1 Highlights
02:51 Reflections on Podcasting
15:20 What's Next
16:05 Getting Involved
21:47 Season 2
22:27 Wrapping Up
23:16 Podcast/Documentary Recommendations

Get Involved:

Mentorship/Research 1:1s: bit.ly/3twYCaC
Social Media Manager Application (due May 3): bit.ly/3srvL6h
Volunteer Interest Form: bit.ly/3mX2Aad

Podcast & Documentary Recommendations:

Women in Tech Podcast: spoti.fi/3egY8Po
Ladybug Podcast: spoti.fi/3anxiEd
Passages Podcast: spoti.fi/3eaJYQ1
Make Peas Not Beef Podcast: spoti.fi/3suZ4VI
AppThink Podcast: apple.co/3gsRwQG
Connecting with Careers Podcast: spoti.fi/2Q5ffvR
"The Social Dilemma": bit.ly/3glWpeo
"Coded Bias": bit.ly/2OYd50e

About Marisa:

Marisa Hoenig is the host of Blossoming Technologist and a software developer at ThoughtWorks. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelors in computer science in 2018. Marisa is passionate about helping others navigate the tech industry and understand different careers.

Connect with Marisa:

LinkedIn: /marisahoenig
Twitter: @marisahoenig
Instagram: @marisahoenig

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