March 22, 2021

15. From the Recruiter's Perspective with Estefania Ortiz

15. From the Recruiter's Perspective with Estefania Ortiz

What does recruitment look like from the recruiter's perspective? How do you best market yourself to a recruiter?

Meet Estefania Ortiz, a Chicago-based Diversity Recruiter on the Amazon Web Services Early Career Talent team. At AWS, Estefania finds top student talent for hiring teams and helps students through workshops and individual coaching sessions. She is passionate about empowering students to leverage their skills and experience to find the right career opportunity. She is also a strong advocate for improving diversity & inclusion in the industry by helping teams and business leaders prioritize this every day.

In today's episode, we dive into the recruitment process from a recruiter's perspective:

    • How recruiters help you find the right opportunity


    • Behind the scenes life of a recruiter


    • Key things to understand about the recruiter's perspective


    • How to send a message to a recruiter that stands out


    • Common candidate mistakes


    • Resume tips for students


    • What to expect out of the interview experience


  • Tips for negotiating salary

Connect with Estefania:

LinkedIn: /ortizestefania
Twitter: @estef_oa

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