March 1, 2021

13. Intro to Cloud Computing with Joshua "TechDev" Walker

13. Intro to Cloud Computing with Joshua

What is cloud computing? How do you get started in tech with no past experience? Meet Joshua "TechDev" Walker, a senior cloud engineer, diversity advocate, and the author of “Venti Fried Chicken." He is also the co-founder of Black Orlando Tech and an Army veteran. Joshua is passionate about demystifying the tech industry and promoting diversity.

In this episode, we talk about cloud computing: what it is, how it works, and what resources you need to start learning. We discuss the similarities and differences between the various cloud computing services and which certification exams you should take. We also dig into do-it-yourself careers and how to start your journey in tech with no prior experience. Joshua shares what inspired him to get into tech and why you should get into the industry too.

Mentioned in This Episode:

Black Orlando Tech:
Pluralsight: Pluralsight
A Cloud Guru (YouTube channel):
AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam
Pulp Fiction (Movie)
Google SRE Book:
"The Phoenix Project" by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford:

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