Nov. 30, 2020

0. Hello World: Introduction

0. Hello World: Introduction

Blossoming Technologist is a podcast for young professionals growing in the tech industry. How do you perfect your resume? What career paths exist in tech? How do you battle imposter syndrome? We'll answer these questions and more with episodes every Monday, interviewing young professionals in tech about college and their early career.

This episode is an introduction to the podcast and the host, Marisa, as well as her journey in the tech industry. Marisa Hoenig is a software developer consultant at ThoughtWorks and a recent Georgia Tech graduate. She is passionate about helping college students and fellow young professionals navigate their first careers in tech. This podcast is a resource that she wished she had in college—a place to hear stories of everyday young professionals figuring out their paths in the tech industry. And with that, let's get started blossoming together!

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